Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs feed on our blood and can be irritating. The recent rise in the number of bed bugs across Utah, means experts like us are needed.
    Utah bed bug

    What are Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are blood-eating insects. They feed on human blood, most commonly at night. If you have bed bugs in your home, it’s most likely the Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug). They spread by crawling between nearby locations or by hitching rides on your belongings. They don’t fly but they can crawl very quickly.

    What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

    Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that can be anywhere from 1 to 7mm in size. Their bodies are oval-shaped and can either be flat or slightly plump.

    Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs can be found anywhere from hotels to public transportation to your home. They hide out in these spaces looking for blood to feed on. If you have bed bugs, it’s probably because:

    • They hitched a ride. These pests can latch onto suitcases, linens, and clothes to make their way into your space.
    • They traveled from another apartment or unit. If you live in a building or complex, the bed bugs might have travelled from another room to yours.

    Why are Bed Bugs a Problem?

    Bed bugs have not been shown to transmit disease. However, they do bite and can cause damage to your belongings. If you have bed bugs in your space, you may experience:

    • Allergic reactions to their bites
    • Infections of the skin from the bite reaction
    • Declining mental health from living in an infested space

    How Can Advantage Pest & Lawn Solve My Bed Bug Problem?

    Our bed bugs pest removal process for ridding your space of bed bugs in Utah is efficient and effective. The steps include:

    • Initial inspection and assessment to confirm presence of bed bugs and the severity of the infestation.
    • Once bed bugs are confirmed, we will provide treatment options with pricing for your consideration. Once the agreement has been accepted, we will schedule the service to remove bed bugs from your space.

    What Bed Bug Services Does Advantage Pest & Lawn Offer?

    Our services include:

    1. Chemical Bed Bug Treatments: It consists of four service visits performed at 1-2 week intervals. Our expert team will apply  residual pesticide materials applied to targeted, key areas of your home.
    2. Heat Treatments
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