Commercial Pest & Lawn

    Apartment buildings and Hotels

    We understand having a clean, pest free building for tenants and guests is critical. Cleanliness is the most important aspect of running a housing facility or commercial hotel and we are there to support you in all your commercial pest control & lawn care needs in Utah.

    Manufacturing and Warehousing

    Advantage Pest & Lawn specialises in helping manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities stay bug free. Our experienced pest control & lawn care team know where to look and protect your business from pests and can also take care of all your lawn care needs.

    Government and Schools

    Keeping employees focused and not distracted, makes commercial sense. This is even more paramount for school children. Advantage Pest & Lawn, has the resources to ensure safety from pests and perfectly maintained grounds

    Food processing and Restaurants

    Pests and food are not a good combination. We will pest control your facilities for pests without contaminating your food based business. Providing proactive services to protecting and maintaining a pest free environment.

    Healthcare facilities

    Medical facilities are often where people are most venerable to infections and diseases that can come from pests. Advantage Pest & Lawn offers a proactive approach to inspections and maintaining pest free facilities

    Grocery and Retail stores

    Retail businesses are built through strong brands. An incident with pests can quickly damage brand reputation. Keep your brand protected with proactive pest control services from Advantage pest and lawn experts can help maintain your brand.

    Make an appointment for all your commercial pest control & lawn care needs in Utah

    Be proactive in preventing pests, weeds and diseases,
    while enhancing your business with perfect grounds.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Advantage Pest Control & Lawn Care provides a commercial pest service that includes inspecting your facility; so that you can have a full understanding of the current situation and future risks. We then undertake the work required ensuring your business is pest free. Once the job has been completed, we can then provide ongoing pest control maintenance to ensuring that your premises remains pest free. The Advantage Pest & Lawn team are experienced commercial operator in Utah, that take pride in being professional and deliver quality services.

    Commercial Lawn Care for Utah

    Advantage Pest & Lawn care encompasses a full range of custom strategies for your grounds keeping. Maintaining the lawn, trees, shrubs and preventing weeds and other irritants. With a deep level of experience we are able to offer custom care as needed. Services such as aeration seeding or fertilization will be introduced as required. Getting the job done right, so that you can provide a safe and pleasant environment for all your commercial business stake holders. We are ready to help with one-off jobs or ongoing maintenance across multiple sites throughout Utah. Servicing entire Utah County, Summit County & Salt Lake County