Wasp Pest Control

    Effective wasp control, can make a big difference for your outdoor lifestyle. For people with allergies it can be life saving. Contact Advantage Pest & Lawn for all your wasp pest control needs.
    Wasp for Pest Control Utah

    What are Wasps?

    A wasp is an insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita. Wasps have narrow waists, smooth skin, and four wings. Hornets are a wasp subset and have larger waists with similar skin and wings. Yellowjackets can be identified by their bright yellow markings.

    Yellowjackets and hornets are both types of wasps within the Vespidae family. They are eusocial; their egg-laying queen lives with the non-reproducing workers. A hornet is the largest type of wasp.

    Why do I have wasps in my home?

    Like most pests, a wasp’s main goal is finding food. If you have wasps in your home, then they probably think they can find food. They’re attracted to sugary drinks and fallen fruit in your lawn.

    How do wasps get inside?

    Most of the time, wasps just enter the house through open windows and doors. If you want to leave your windows open, make sure they have screens.

    During the spring and summer months, wasps will often build nests around entrances and doorways to your home. They choose these areas because they’re  commonly covered, which helps protect their nests from nature. The placement of their nests makes it easy for them to sneak into your home through the front door as you come and go.

    Wasps also often enter into your home through attic spaces. Vents and unsealed openings are perfect entryways for wasps. They may also invade your home through the fireplace. If you have a fireplace, make sure you close and seal the flue properly when you’re not using it.

    Why are wasps a problem?

    Wasps can build incredibly troublesome nests and hives. If you have a wasp problem, you need to be careful; yellowjackets and hornets can sting multiple times .

    Do-it-yourself treatments are available but they can be dangerous and aren’t as effective as hiring a professional wasp pest control company. In addition, these products often contain pesticides that can be harmful to people and pets if they are misused or mixed improperly. The most common result of home remedies? Multiple stings. You should let the professionals handle the wasps.

    How can Advantage Pest & Lawn solve my problem with wasp pest control in Utah?

    Advantage Pest & Lawn can rid your home of a current wasp infestation as well as prevent future wasp issues. Our stinging insects service includes inspection, treatment, and removal of active nests found during inspection.

    We will also treat areas of concern with a residual material to greatly reduce the likelihood of future nest-building. Homeowners often get nests in the same area every year; a preventative wasp pest control treatment can help pro-actively stop this from occurring. Get in touch with us today or call (801) 210-1887.

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