Cockroaches Utah

    Cockroaches are a pest that can contribute to spreading bacteria that can cause diseases and contaminate food. Contact Advantage Pest & Lawn for all your cockroach pest control needs in Utah.
    Cockroach Utah

    What Are Cockroaches?

    Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea and a common pest in Utah. They have chewing mouthparts and oval-shaped bodies that are anywhere from ¾ to 3 inches in length. They are reddish brown in color but often look white for a short period of time just after molting.

    What Kind of Cockroaches Are There in Utah?

    There are about 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 that are associated with human habitats. However, only four species are well known as pests in Utah:

    • American Cockroach
    • Brown Banded Cockroach
    • German Cockroach
    • Oriental Cockroach

    Why Do I Have Cockroaches?

    Cockroaches are on the lookout for food, water, and shelter. Cockroaches are in your Utah home because they’ve had luck finding those things nearby. That doesn’t mean your home is dirty; cockroaches have a knack for finding snacks, moisture, and hiding places anywhere they end up. If you live in an apartment, they could have even made their way in from one of your neighbours’ units.

    How Do Cockroaches Get Inside?

    Unfortunately, cockroaches can be very resourceful when they want to enter your home. To get inside they can crawl through small holes and cracks in the foundation, hitch rides on bags, and find openings around doors and windows.

    Why Are Cockroaches a Problem?

    Cockroaches aren’t just creepy; they can also be harmful. Cockroaches can spread disease by leaving behind bacteria like salmonella and waste droppings. Cockroach faeces, saliva, and body parts can also cause or trigger allergic reactions. This is why it’s important to get a cockroach infestation taken care of right away.

    How Can Advantage Pest & Lawn Solve My Cockroach Problem?

    The professional pest controllers at Advantage Pest & Lawn will provide a complete inspection of all common Utah cockroach hot spots, an initial treatment, and typically three follow up appointments.

    Treatment involves applying a gel-type bait into the cracks and crevices of cockroach hot spots. Normally, the treatment does not involve sprays. We also place insect  monitors in your home to evaluate results between visits. We do not require you to clean up heavy clutter or remove dishes from cupboards before we start treatment.

    After Advantage Pest & Lawn completes the treatment, you can expect a 75% reduction within one week and 100% elimination in six weeks, in most situations.

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